Looking for a break from your current "reality"?

The World of Pain is a 100% free online multiplayer game. In this realm, you can create and control a new being with a unique personality and skillset. You'll get to explore a new world with a variety of places and faces that you have never seen before.

Separated by a vast ocean, four continents are known to exist. Kalpusha, a mostly forested land, is home to several ancient towns. Malus features a varied landscape of deserts, forests and fields. Ithilien is also mostly forested and hosts some diverse creatures. Numquom is a largely unexplored land that only the strongest can survive.

Whom do you wish to be today?

Choose your gender, race and class to create a unique individual. See our Roleplay page for more information on creating and roleplaying your character.

Feature Highlights

  • Newbies under level 50 are protected from death and equipment loss
  • Unlimited mortal levels and never-ending adventure
  • Multiclass/remort your character at level 400 (or above) to add a whole new set of abilities.
  • For the daring, you can also kill other players, but this is limited to specific PK areas
  • Raid the Dark Tower, one of the most dangerous and potentially rewarding areas of the realm.
  • Complete quests for rewards
  • Mudlet and Grapevine client graphical interfaces
  • (in beta testing) Visually Impaired mode to optimize the game for accessibility
  • Mudlet UI Sidebar Items
    Mudlet UI Sidebar Items
    Mudlet UI Sidebar Map
    Mudlet UI Sidebar with Map
  • Automatic mapping of the entire game with Mudlet and the in-game map command
  • Clickable links in-game if your client supports MXP
  • All objects and equipment are automatically saved, no payment for rent is required
  • Chat with beings in other realms via Grapevine

To Play

Play now via the Grapevine web client. You can also use a mud client such as Mudlet or Tintin++. We recommend Mudlet as we have a graphical user interface for the mud and support for their mapper, as well as tabbed chats and player status bars. If you have a mud client, you can connect to the mud at WORLDOFPA.IN, port 6969 or port 6943 for secure telnet.

New to the realm? Check out our New Player Guide!

NOTE TO ALL PLAYERS: You will be held responsible for the information contained within the Roleplay section. Read it and pay attention! Roleplaying is not only encouraged, it is required!

Social Media

The World of Pain is a social game! Tell your friends about us and join our Discord server!

Latest News

New features added since the last news post:

  • Game sounds and music for Mudlet and clients supporting MCMP. (toggle with sound and music commands to disable)
  • Visually Impaired mode in beta for increased accessibility. Enable at character creation or toggle with the vimode in-game command.
  • Additional quests added and a lesson on quests in the newbie tutorial.
  • Random loot that can be gained from fighting NPC opponents. (Thanks Crasher!)
  • You can now recite scrolls and quaff potions from within containers without taking them out first, even if it is something you're wearing like a backpack. (Thanks Qer!)
  • Some damage spells can now set an opponent on fire!

The new Mudlet user interface is now live. Features:

  • Player status bar showing various stats
  • Items tab with automatic updates to equipment and inventory
  • Revamped color scheme for status bars
  • Maps tab with built-in maps for all hometowns and many other areas
  • Tabbed chat

The UI should automatically load when you connect via Mudlet. Recommendations: Use port 6943 and check Secure. If you're using Windows on a high resolution screen and experiencing display issues, see the Mudlet FAQ: Distorted font on Windows? for a fix. Optional: Enable Discord.

Many things that caused crashes have been fixed. We've also added clickable links in MUD clients that support MXP (such as Mudlet) for a few things, such as:

  • Initial character creation options
  • The main menu
  • Autoexits display
  • Help command
  • Page control
  • Shops

There have also been enhancements to the in-game newbie tutorial.

We now have working Grapevine support for gossip and tells between other realms, and lots of internal game changes have been made. The biggest change made recently is to the object save system. ALL rooms now save objects upon reboots or crashes.
Source code for our CircleMUD/tbaMUD-compatible Grapevine chat as well as Mudlet map file generation has been relased at https://github.com/halimcme/worldofpain.

11/15/2018: The World of Pain has been brought back from the dead!

The World of Pain has been resurrected by Blizzard. (again) I've spent some time fixing major crashing bugs and making the mud run better. We still have a lot of work and testing to do, but you are welcome to play and help us test things out. Please write any bugs you find on the problems board (west, west, south from the Woodhaven Cathedral) or use the BUG command.

Here are some more details on the new World of Pain:
  • Player files and passwords from the old system are gone. NO previous characters exist.
  • There will be NO equipment restoration.
  • The zones of the realm have been restored to the way they were in late-2001. Some enhancements have been made.
  • The web help system has been significantly enhanced.
  • Web pages are now mobile device-friendly, including the help system.
  • The entire MUD is now backed up daily to AWS S3. We'll never lose things due to a hardware issue again.

The Old World of Pain Immortal Staff:

Pain, Cyclops, Dionysus, Blizzard, Slayer, Ldygodiva, Tiedie, Zekkon, Undertaker, Triniak, Tempest, Rah, Sithas, Skylarq, Kane, Motaba, Sylvestr, Aliana, Psiona, Electro, Reiko, Eldrik, Talon, Delecti, Havoc, and Farley.

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