This is a place of great danger and just as great are the rewards. Quite often,
this realm, above all others, is heavily guarded, full of cut-throats and
bandits. The entrance to the Dark Tower is one of the most mysterious of all.
You must talk to a seer to find the entrance. Type 'where' while in the same
room as them, and they will tell you where the entrance is located.

A few concepts to understand before going into this zone are as follows:
    1. If you go down there, you may be attacked and killed.
    2. If you are killed, the killer might allow you the privilege of corpse
       retrieval. You might wish to tell them you are doing so or they may
       perceive you as a threat and kill you again.
    3. Careful about trusting people in the underworld. There are NO RULES that
       must be followed down here.
    4. If a person kills you down here, he may choose to take your stones, clan
       items, and even eq! (depends on roleplayer) 
    5. Please do not complain if any of the above events happens to you. You
       chose to go down there and thus accepted these ideas, regardless of
       whether or not you read them.
    6. Last, if you do have eq stolen down here, roleplay it out. The eq
       WILL NOT be refunded as you chose to go here.
The only rule is that there are NO RULES.

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