The World of Pain has a sophisticated player killing (PK) system. There are
four types of PK modes possible for a room:

  Lawful - Killing other players here will result in a KILLER flag. Players
           with killer flags can be freely killed in any area without being
           flagged. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you avoid getting this flag.
  Type 1 - Players in this type of PK area may freely kill other players that
           are within a few levels of the other player. This range increases
           based on the level of the characters. If you are killed by another
           player in a type 1 area, you will still have your equipment and
           inventory when you re-enter the game after your death.

  Type 2 - The type 2 PK area has the same level range restrictions as the
           type 1 area. The difference is that if you die in a PK fight in a
           type 2 area, your equipment and inventory stay with your corpse,
           leaving them open to looting and theft.

  Type 3 - This is the most dangerous type of PK area to be in. It is open
           season on all levels (except newbies) and when you die, your items
           remain in your corpse. Proceed with great caution in these areas.
  Killing newbies (under level 50) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all areas.
  We also recommend that newbies avoid starting PK fights.

The level range for type 1 and type 2 zones is determined by this chart:
    If the victim is less than level 50: 5 levels
                 ...less than level 100: 10 levels
                      ...over level 100: Level of victim divided by 10

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