Newbie Guide - Chapter 1

Gaining Experience

In order to rise to more powerful levels, you must gain experience points. Experience points are commonly referred to as exp for short. The exp required for each level rises slightly with each level you gain, however, you will gain more exp points as you defeat more powerful opponents. Your exp and a few other stats can be seen in your score. Type SCORE to see your score. The most common way to gain exp is by defeating your opponents in combat. Exp can also
be rewarded to you from the gods, for good roleplaying, and for quests. The more difficult the opponent you kill, commonly referred to as mobiles or "mob's", the more exp you will gain. To attack something, just type KILL <name of your target>. You should start out by killing small animals that you find in your hometown. As you gain levels and power, you can explore the areas outside your town and look for more powerful foes to defeat.

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