C  I  R  C  L  E  M  U  D     3  .  0

CircleMUD was developed from DikuMud (Gamma 0.0) by Jeremy "Ras" Elson at
Johns Hopkins University's Department of Computer Science.  All code unique
to CircleMUD is protected under a copyright by the Trustees of the Johns
Hopkins University.

Many, many people contributed to CircleMUD in one way or another throughout
the course of its development.  Although it's impossible for me to remember
them all, I'd like to extend special thanks to certain people:

  -- Jeff Fink and George Greer, for submitting a veritable mountain of
     excellent code.
  -- Chris Epler and Chris Herringshaw for extensive beta-testing and bug
  -- Furry (Alex Fletcher), for single-handedly managing Circle's world
  -- Fred Merkel, Ryan Watkins, Jay Levino, and Sharon Goza, for other
     code and area submissions.
  -- Jean-Jack Riethoven for porting the code to the Amiga, David Carver
     for porting it to OS/2, and Jack Patton and Steffen Haeuser for the
     Amiga port.
  -- Bill Bogstad and Tim Stearns for allowing Circle to exist at JHU.
  -- The DikuMud folk, and the good old WhatMUD implementors Dave & Justin,
     for starting the ball rolling.
  -- Bryan Jolson, Steven Lacher, Cat Stanton, and Naved Surve, for being
     there in the very early days of Circle's development.
  -- Sharon, Ben, Erica, Aly, and Josh, for keeping me sane.
  -- Jules (hamotek sheli) for being the greatest. everyone else in the Circle community who has submitted material!
Thanks everyone!

  Anonymous FTP: or in pub/CircleMUD
 To report bugs:  [email protected]
    To get help:  [email protected]
   Mailing List:  [email protected]
                  (write "subscribe circle <first name> <last name>")

--Jeremy Elson ([email protected])

See also: AREAS
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