There are several integral parts of a solid, strong game. One of the most
important of these is a character base filled with well thought out and
well-played characters. What that translates to is good roleplaying.

Good roleplaying raises the level of realism, tension, excitement and overall
fun in the mud, as some of you may already know. So, we require that the mortals
on World of Pain strongly incorporate roleplaying into their game play.
Please continue reading.

First of all, when you create a character, you should always have an idea of
what kind of role you want this character to play. This should strongly affect
the choices you make during character creation.

Gender, the first choice you must make, is fairly obvious and only affects
roleplay, for now at least.

Race is the next very important choice you will make, and one which is often
paid little attention. Race does matter! Not only does it have a very large
affect on how your character should be roleplayed, but race defines what
strengths and weaknesses your character has, and many races even have special
abilities. Choose your race to carefully fit your character!

Class is the probably the biggest choice you can make for your character. It
determines what kind of skills and spells you'll learn and often times what your
profession is.

Now that you've created your character, you must roleplay it. First things
first, make a description for yourself. You can do this by typing CAMP in an
appropriate area of the realm and then entering 2 at the menu, which lets you
change your description. It should include your race and your physical
description. When people look at you, this is what they'll see.
Make it accurate.

Next, you have to step inside the shoes of the character you are playing and
imagine that you are actually that being. When you speak, imagine yourself in
the specific situation your character is in. Imagine what you'd say, how you'd
act, and what you'd do if you were your character. This is where the fun begins!
This is where you get to take a break from reality and immerse yourself in
another world for awhile.

Come up with a history of your character. Maybe your family was enslaved for
ages by the Orcs and you have vowed to take revenge. Maybe you are a princess
from a foreign land, driven out of your homeland by angry peasants. Be creative
but don't be so creative that you can't roleplay your character. Remember,
you're going to be spending a lot of time with it.

So, we've given you an idea of what we would like to see. Here are some examples
of things we definitely do NOT want to see.

Social Behavior

Whoever gossips, 'The Lakers really sucked last night!'
No one should have any idea who the Lakers are in World of Pain. If you want to
start a clan called the Lakers and then complain about how they suck, consult an
Immortal for requirements on forming a clan.

Whoever gossips, 'I gotta go. My wife's being a bitch.'
Unless you're talking about your wife in the MUD, same as above. You're free to
marry any player in the game, if the Gods allow it. Then you can complain about
your in-game spouse.

Whoever gossips, 'Anyone have a warrior 2.char? I need someone buff.'
This is serious Taboo on roleplaying MUDs. NEVER mention your 2.chars!
Any one of your characters should not know the others exist! I CANNOT
stress this enough. For this reason, there will be no be no simultaneous
multiplaying. You may have 2.chars, but they cannot play at the same
time on the MUD.

Basically, try to confine all public (say/gossip/emote/etc.) to being in
character. This maximizes the enjoyment of others, and doesn't disrupt
the mood. If you absolutely must speak out of character, do it in a
tell, and precede it with an (OOC) for Out Of Character. For example:

Whoever tells you, '(OOC) Ack.. work is calling, gotta run.'
This should almost never be said on a gossip channel (I cannot think of
why it would need to be - you don't need to announce your arrival and
exit from the MUD), and should be used sparingly in all other cases.

If you want to have OOC conversation, please use private channels.

General Behavior

Play your character, I tell you!
Behavior Towards Gods

Let's see here. How would you act towards a God in real life? Do not
treat Gods like mortals. Do not mock or insult the Gods, unless of
course you are looking for punishment. Basically, it will save you and
me a whole lot of time if you roleplay well. So do it right!

Blatant disregard for these expectations will be punished in some
fashion. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask on
the OOC channel or on our Discord. Thank you for reading this, we truly
feel this will make World of Pain a better, more fun environment.

© World of Pain, All rights reserved.